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Looks like you’ve stumbled onto my bucket list-style project I’m calling “100 Things To Do Before The Sun Explodes.”

While the star at the centre of our solar system exploding isn’t exactly something that needs to be on the forefront of anybody’s mind for at least a couple billion years, consider this a peculiar excuse to introspect and consider some of the philosophy of our own, individual bucket lists.

Every Monday, I’ll touch on one item I’m adding to my list, exploring the idea in depth, what it means to me, and why I think it’s worth your time. The exact format of my thoughts will change from week to week, but the general premise will remain the same.

If that sounds up your alley, feel free to Subscribe to the page at any level to engage and be a part of the community.

Also, I’m currently working on putting together exactly what a Contributors-only issue of “100 Things” post would look like as my way of saying thank you to those who choose to support this project. The exact date for these going live is still to be determined, but hang tight.

Possible features could include a host of rotating components, such as:

  • Further in-depth analysis of one of the list items of the month

  • Goal setting and planning advice to help you all tackle your own lists

  • The occasional Q&A

  • Interviews with some experts on the topics we discuss!

If there is something you want to see discussed, reach out! I’m interested in what you all want to hear!

More than anything, I want to hear from you. If the concepts we discuss resonate with you in any way, I encourage you to write me back a reply, and maybe you’ll get featured in next week’s post.

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About me…

I should introduce myself as well.

I consider myself a wannabe philosopher turned writer, hailing from Ontario, Canada.

I'm currently working on my first novel.

My hope is to create a small platform to share my work, and to start meaningful conversations with others. Also, it goes without saying that this is a safe space. Everyone deserves respect, and creating a meaningful community is a joint effort.

If you’d like to see more of my work, check out this link here.

Thank you for taking a peek, and expect to hear from me soon!

See you at 100.

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